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Cosmetic Dentures and tooth loss

Partial Denture

Full Denture Supported Retained  by
Dental Implants


Tooth loss can occur for reasons such as periodontal disease or gum disease, decay or trauma. Teeth Dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for many many  years.

The loss of your teeth can have many negative effects on you. Tooth loss can cause problems with chewing, eating and biting.  This can affect your confidence and prevent you smiling.  It can also cause sagging of your cheeks and make you appear older than you are. It is important to get your missing teeth replaced as soon as possible.

Types of Denture

Full Denture

Full dentures are made when all your teeth are missing. Full dentures are mostly made from acrylic but can be made from chrome.

Partial Denture

A Partial denture is made to replace some missing teeth. Partial dentures can prevent your existing healthy teeth from shifting following tooth loss. Partial dentures are made from acrylic or chrome.  Chrome Partial dentures tend to be more comfortable and stronger.

Immediate dentures

Sometimes damaged or loose teeth need to be extracted.  Immediate dentures are perfect in these cases as they enable the gums and surrounding tissue to heal properly.  Immediate dentures are made from acrylic and can be easily modified during the healing process. Immediate dentures can be full dentures or partial dentures depending on how many teeth need extracting. Immediate dentures are usually worn about 3 months but this can vary according to the individual case.

Cosmetic dentures supported by dental implants

If you are embarrassed that your dentures are loose and uncomfortable our cosmetic dentists can provide you with cosmetic dentures supported by dental implants or known as implant dentures. These cosmetic dentures are very strong and retentive.  More and more people are choosing this option because of the comfort, fit and confidence they give.

Alternatives to Cosmetic Dentures

Alternative methods used to replace missing teeth include dental implants and fixed dental bridges. You can only have dental bridges if the abutment teeth are healthy to support the bridge.  Dental implants can only be placed if there is good sufficient bone for long term success.

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